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Homeowners are always concerned with pests and considering the fact that there are many pests, homeowners should really be concerned with this. Yes, pests are annoying, even if they are harmless to people, but because they are annoying no one would entertain the idea of having one in their house. But the problem is there are pests that are more than just a simple annoyance. There are pests that bring a lot of dangers like the ones we shall talk about.

White Ants or Termites

Termites are interesting creatures. Termites may not pose danger to humans but they definitely pose danger to homes and infrastructures. Yes, they have mandibles but they don’t use it against people. They don’t spread dangerous bacteria and viruses that cause diseases. The only thing they do is consume wood and destroy homes and other infrastructures.

Good thing termites are not very voracious. The problem is, a single colony of termites contains tens or hundreds of thousands of hungry individual. Thus, they can still consume a lot of wood in a short amount of time. This will give you no other choice but to rely on Bellflower rodent control.

Mice and Rats

Mice and their relatives the rats are highly dangerous pests. They not only pose hazards to our belongings and homes but also to our health. They are not picky and would chew anything their paws can get hold off. They could chew on electrical wires and cause fire hazards. They would damage wood and funiture. They would even chew on bricks and cement defacing the value of your home.

Most of all, these rodents are huge risks to health. Mice and rats are filthy. They are carriers of various bacteria and viruses that may cause illnesses to humans.

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